Here I come again…


Wheel out. Here I come again. Run go tell yuh enemy, run go tell yuh fren. I n I a trod through Babylon region but my rod and my staff protect I from de system. Healing of de nation kill my motivation. Me cheque done bounce ca me spen me money pan an ounce. But when me bun me chalice me nuh harbour no form a malice. Me sight one sistren who look criss, me a go look fe her lata cos me she can’t dis.

A long time me nuh work inna de babylonian system, but de beast still a haunt I, an taunt I, an try lock up I n I wid dem driving fine. How yuh can fine me when me a drive up an down on my time? But, as me tell de judgement in de court house, licence an paperwork a nuh sumting I promote.

De pretty likke sistren, she can’t turn I down cos me wearing de crown and when gal a deal with I n I, dem nah fall down.

Rain a fall but de dutty tough, nuting nuh tough like how I have it rough. Me have fe go a Job Centre, pan dem electronic corruption system me business dem want enter. Dem love babble inna Babylon, pure wickedness dem a talk, but me know seh de whole a dem, a pure HARBOUR SHARK.

Hell stone and brimfire just to get me giro, but me nuh deal wid pen and me nud deal wid biro. Tribulations Babylon try render but Sellassie I know, me nah surrenda. Be strong, stand firm, watch dem system and learn. Chuh. Why dem a gwaan suh? All I warn do, is cut and go thru.

When me done praise de I-sis, me deal with me crisis. So, giving you a hail, sufferation I a go through but Rasta nah fail. Rewind and come again.


Wheel out. Here I come again. Run go tell yuh enemy, run go tell yuh fren. Faith can move mountains. Right now. Me need dat faith. Monday morning, a wheh de rainbow deh? Me dancing feet bex, Babylon teef de rainbow out my shoe. Ginnalfa a hover like mosquito, me a frank, frank letter, you know how it go. Suddenly, skinny gal brush past me, true seh she nuh know, if a meat me eat, is not pork or beef, a snapper, parrot an bream. Transparent, tracing paper gal, can’t walk down my street.

Sometimes me wonder bout de English flower. Nough black man believe dem gal gi dem power. Even though man tings a rot an infest, ramp wid dem gal, Rastafari don’t jest. Since me reach a concrete jungle, me an none a dem, nuh wrap up inna bungle. Me know how man feel, man love easy going, easy speaking woman fe real. Still. Me black woman fit, phat, an gal have to have back. Me can’t abandon me sistren fe dat. De blacker de berry, de sweeter de juice. I-nity, wid her brown silky skin an smood batty, is who I choose. Love hav fe get sack when I man reach 50, cos you know I man, a hang on tight, pan de one name I-nity. Let me tell yuh bout I-nity.

De woman breast is like mango, melon an sweet potato, she have legs like sugar cane, an de gal batty, Lord a mercy, could drive man insane. An yuh know, I n I nuh too too call pan de Lord. She nuh wobble a tall, all bits intact, Rastaman can’t believe, man a control dat. Me love hair dat stan up, like bush inna forest, it nuh come outta bag, natural a de best. Ginnalfa work out man cool an deadly, but is only fe I-nity, I man sing a medley. She offer me rice but me love me peas, me keep meself upright, nah live pan me knees.

Me nature recovering fe I-nity love. Ginnalfa nah get what me have in I man seed bag, cos yuh know seh I-nity a fly de red, gold an green flag. Me nah cross de road, as a black man me proud. Keep de faith, be strong, nuh flex wid dem gal deh an treat we woman wrong. Rastafari want my empress most delighted, an Ginnalfa, can’t tek good care of me de way how I like it. Check out de acklings I man a go thru, and know dat dis Rastaman love an proud a each an everyone a you. Blessup.Rewind and come again.


Wheel out. Here I come again. Run go tell yuh enemy, run go tell yuh fren. Me peasy like Sunday morning. Me well want check I-nity. Most Sunday she roast breadfruit, plantain, fry down veg and callaloo. We sit pan de floor, low, eating off one likkle table, wid one spoon an one bowl. We catch up, run joke, afta we done eat, we have special Sunday worship smoke. Good an conscious, such a humble daughta, always rise from de table, wash up de dishes straight afta. A dat me like.

Outside de christian people a walk to church. Big hat, shine shoes and criss, press out shit. An me wonder. When dem a go a church pan Sunday, de bible in dem hand, happy as dem go along, singing redemption song, dem a tink bout de homeless on de street, if poor man have somewhere to sleep. Me nah disrespect. But. Church a God Seventh Day, Seventh Day Adventure, New Testament, Bethal United, Property, none a dat deh livity appeal to me.

How dem batta people wid dem bible, pretend seh dem nuh worship idol and want to believe dat dem meek and dem humble. By 10am me start to screw, but I-nity woman know exactly what to do. She bring me mint tea, light couple incense, put on mellow music an tek off me hat. Me natty happy when she massage me dread, me relax, unwind, tek de system off my mind and focus on I-nity instead. Like how man contaminate, me will just hav to wait. Dis is a lesson to me, two woman is enough, a craven me craven, three is too much. Rewind and come again.


Wheel out. Here I come again. Run go tell yuh enemy, run go tell yuh fren. Pickout check me, de man specialise in weed, when him done pick it, man nuh worry bout seed. Saturday night, Pickout want man fe trod wid him an circle, me give one excuse, me can’t go a street, when me tings blue an purple.

I man a try hold a meddy and tek in de telly. Saturday night it loud, pink, yellow an bright. All dem a talk bout a celebrity. Ant an Dec, Paris, Jordan. Is that four or three? What I don’t understand is how we stop worship JAH, an start worship man? Celebrity. Celebrity. Sell yuh self an yuh liberty. Dat’s what it mean. Yuh sell yuh self, forget you vison, just suh yuh can live out yuh life pan tell lie vision.

Me neva even notice how it happen, one minute newspaper have news, next minute, all me can read bout is famous people waistline, hairstyle an shoes. If dem latest handbag a my first priority, how me a go see wha de system a try push pan me?

When me a read bout Brad an Angelina Jolie, next ting me know, dem have me fingerprint, DNA, Babylon metric details, an me whole identity. But seeya.

A what a gwaan inna Babylon fe real. You tink seh is accident dat yuh a nyam ready meal. KFC kill Fari children , an we a watch celebrity an try an emulate dem. Though the shadow of Babylon cast over me, de rod an de staff will always be my celebrity. Rewind and come again.


Wheel out. Here I come again. Run go tell yuh enemy, run go tell yuh fren. De drugs dem gi me soothe me nature, me tek some a de clinic an have some fe tek lata. Yuh ever see sumting like this? Me give out love. Love an affection, an de reward for my loving is sexual infection. Infect I n I Rastafari.

It mek me sad yuh see. Me neva know it possible dat woman could cheat pan me. Me check fe all three a me woman. Peace, Love an I-nity. Peace. Peace. Dat name really suit her. Me too sad fe rail or cuss. Look what come out of pleasure and lust.

Dem seh dat in six week man will be alright, me feel so shame, me spirit blight. Tell me, Rastaman, fe mek love inna glove. ME NAH SLEEP WID NOOOO BODY. I-nity and Love have fe mek sure dem healthy, before dem can even touch me or kiss me. Man, woman, teenager, youth, after what happen to me, Rasta only speak de truth. Go a clinic, check yuh self out and think bout wha yuh a put inna yuh mouth.

Me nah bun fire pan people who love eat, but tink bout you tongue, an you throat, an you teet. Me tink seh me a big bashy loverman veteran, an look what happen to me. Clean, pure, i-teous, conscious Rastaman. Rewind and come again.


Wheel out. Here I come again. Run go tell yuh enemy, run go tell yuh fren. Me batty really a sting me now. Me need a bath, fraid of de water  meter, chuh, mek me run it low yah. Since me deal wid de sistren, come in like, tings nuh right wid my ting. One likkle pee nearly kill me. It sting, it sting, it sting, IT STING. She upful, righteous an clean, months go by and she still let me in.

A wha dis in man brief? It sticky and yellow, me jewels soft and tender an swell. Please JAH, tell me a nuh it. Rasta unda mannas, me have fe go a clinic. Me. Me. Disease like a flea an have fe ask Babylon docta. BABYLON DOCTA. Fe cure me.

A wheh me parka deh? Hood up, head down, shame pan Rastafari crown. 20 years ago dem attack me wid needle, two weeks me in bed, from de violence dem show me, nurse, docta an receptionist have to fight me an hold me.

Dem a try tell me bout gonna, gonna sumting. Humblest Rasta beg JAH dat de woman don’t give me NUTING. Me can’t call pan JAH right about now, me hot wid shame, an me head bow. Rewind and come again.


Wheel out. Here I come again. Run go tell yuh enemy, run go tell yuh fren. When me see de outfit a de living eye water. Blue. Like police and soldier. Dem nah rally round de ites, gold and green, cos dem heart and dem soul is not pure an clean. Me is not a thief in de street, me is not fighting de people wid dem guns an ammunition. Me nuh want rumours get spread, mek people tink Babylon I’m promoting.

Dem tell me to frank letter, frank, frank. A who dat? De woman a tell me bout lunch an break. Me let her know. ‘Man nah watch no clock, you can’t break me, an when me ready fe nyam, me ready fe nyam.’ She a gwaan like poppy show. Me call her dolly pot but she name Jennifer. Jennifer. Jennifer. Me call her, GINNALFA.

She skinny like a rake, her clothes a hang off, an her vibes, tell me seh, a pure fraud when she laugh. Fraud, fraud, fraud, fraud, fraud.

‘Mr Philogee,’ she seh to me, ‘you seem very angry’. Angry. Angry. Gi me de letters, letters, I n I nah let myself go. Move from me. A nuh angry me angry, an nuh vex me vex. Me can’t kick back, can’t relax, dem a watch you 24 an a rob yuh wid tax. Me do seven to four, seven to four, only one seven dem gi me, but two sevens clash. Week time me tek home £280 an mash. Me buy me weed, pay me bills, sip a Guinnes an Dragon, give man likkle thrill. Rasta still no have no money. So, Ginnalfa, gwaan talk, me a listen yuh words, smile an up an play, but true she nuh know, how I n I stay. Rastafari is de EVERLIVING soldier.

Let me frank you mail, frank, frank, frank, a yuh a get vank. Council can’t bun me pan me belly wid Babylon jelly. Rastaman know what it mean to have a revolution, de letters me franking wid bills an tax, is not de solution. Weekend come. Work done. Me a trod along an never look, a forward, me forward an nuh turning back. Rewind and come again.


Wheel out. Here I come again. Run go tell yuh enemy, run go tell yuh fren. Come in like man under surveillance, neighbour knock my door, Rizla door, and tell me seh de music too loud. Loud, LOUD. A nuh him me a rinse tune pan, me a play fe de crowd. Man love Garnet, Caple and Sizzla, dem tune fe rinse, when man a roll up him rizla. An yuh know bout de rizla.

Me give him one look and tell him straight. ‘Terrorist why don’t you stop terrorising the neighbourhood, I n I, Rastafari, need to live in the way that we should. Life is one big road wid lots of signs, an, if yuh can’t see de sign, a mussi blind you BLIND.’

Me batty an armpit really a scratch me. Free water from me likkle flat a call out fe me. Dat flat, dat flat, every posse a get flat, it really really bun me fe live inna block. Still.

Me a go directly check Babylon soon, fe get me giro. Dem a go rob me, an job me, but me nah use dem biro. Shark face Jobseeker woman a tell me bout position, come in like Rasta under investigation. De council have one job inna dem mail room. Me is a male not a mail, but de job a come soon. Let me check it out yah.

Man have fe stan up pan him own two feet, too easy a Rizla yard, it cushy an sweet. Him woman a cuss, next woman come out a woodwork and chase way her trust. Him need back him bed an him full a food kItchen, an me need to flex like a conscious, artical bredrin. Me bag done pack, everliving soldier always ready fe trod.

Bless up and live it up me nah lie, me ready fe exploit Babylon pie. Wish me guidance and protection in de system where I’m heading, cos me nah give up no I, an me know seh JAH, Rastafari, nah let dem deh people bun fire pan de I.

Me teeth white, ready fe kin, man nuh have no pimple nah spot pan me skin. One love me a carry, man done ramp, man nah tarry. Rasta alone stoke de blazing fire, cos de blessings of JAH, lift I higher an higher. Rewind and come again.


Wheel out. Here I come again. Run go tell yuh enemy, run go tell yuh fren. Today JAH bless me and break me fast, me have sex wid one a de woman, at long, long, last. You know when you eat callaloo, salfish, banana, cho cho an rice. Bwoy. Can’t even tell yuh how it nice. Me come back a Rizla yard, feel like me bread done butta, man warn fling me out, dash me back inna de gutta. Why?

Him seh me a run up him water meter. Meter. METER. Water FREE. Man an man have fe reason, rasta nah get string up, we bun fire pan treason. We agree, me nah bade or showa, only tidy me a tidy. An unless me have a movement, me nah flush de toilet. See. We is not Britain, America or Iraq, we can resolve our problems, cos I n I black. Before me reach Rizla, me go a me yard. It cold, dark, fridge empty, praise JAH fe me spar. An you know, SPAR A SPAR.

Right now, man a ache, come in like me have de custard, and me well want more cake. She twist an a turn an a bawl out, ‘Wheel Out’, Chuh, man crazy, when me shout, ‘ME COME AGAIN’. Me a hold on, from me fingers to me teeth, me woman, she ready, she tight an she neat. Jack it up my selecta, de woman a bus tune, like Coxsone and Shaka, me reach de sun and de moon.

Me skin a scratch, but me nah have no showa, me nah have no bath. Basin, rag, Dettol and kettle. Bun Babylon water meter, me will meditate pan de gal, an de next time me meet her. Praise to my God and King, Sellassie I, him know what man need widdin. Haile, Haile, Haile I. Rewind and come again.


Wheel out. Here I come again. Run go tell yuh enemy, run go tell yuh fren. Rizla a try trick me, ask me fe charge him gas an electricity. When man entertain kings and people of substance, dem nuh fe come trouble dem wid no nonsense. Still. Me comfy and warm in him nice stushy flat, me sleep pan de sofa, lie in de bath, eat out de food, listen music and laugh. Babylon viper infect nough conscious Idren, me a cross de border but him a try put me in de system. Me nuh vex, cause him Irie, let me put £5 on each of him key.

Me go a me yard and look through de post, de renking, skenking jobseeker people a stalk me like ghost. Dem want me, ME, Willisford Philogee, to apply fe dem job in dem slave driver company. If me nuh look job and use Babylon biro, dem will stop me rent payments and teeth back me giro. How me can stop dis abomination?

Me warn mek dem bend down low, let me, Rastafari, tell dem what I know. To slew dem how I n I set de plan, me need rest, and time, to help we concentration. Work inna dem building, imprison fe hours, yes boss, no boss, give dem me power. Bun fire pan dem rules an regulation. I’m tired of being a slave and when I n I come together, every knee shall bow. DAT YUH FE KNOW.

Next week me have de appointment, let me go get some frankincense, myrhh an me special ointment. So many years down inna Babylon but I n I  keep moving on, moving on, moving on. Rastafari liveth for i-ver. Rewind and come again.


Wheel out. Here I come again. Run go tell yuh enemy, run go tell yuh fren. One big bag a weed a service me need. Me call on Sellassie an him answer wid deed. Me check me sistren and kiss and caress, from de way she a smile, me know dat she bless. She promise seh no man a eat off her plate, but she want tek it easy and ask me to wait. Me check me bredrin Nosehole and ask him to watch comings and goings and who go a her house, me nuh want get disrespect or mek competition sneak in like mouse.

Now. Me brodda Ballhead feel guilty fe de way dat him treat me, an a try to inveigle, blind me wid science and sweet me. Me just cut me eye, mek him countenance fry, but not before me tek £100 or more. Me tell him fe galang and next time, ‘don’t lie like a bwoy, stan up and be sure’. It’s hungry days and man need a change of pace, me brodda all fe himself don’t a give a, fe no one else. But Rasta obliterate him Babylonian mentality and mek sure seh him know, next time, him MUST look out for me.

Main woman let me squeeze her tight, me good, me feel criss, and me heart feel right. Me try to check de next one but she tell me she busy, busy, busy, she nuh know seh me a de boss, and she only work fe me. The odda one, she me can’t find. When me next sight her, we need fe chat, I n I a set de programme, she NEED TO KNOW DAT.

Rizla furnish me wid de best high grade. HIGHEST GRADE OF DE HIGHEST GRADE. Me best sit down and tek it easy. Me two good foot nuh warn fe hold me. Me a shift to left and shift to de right, and me hungry. De sweetie pumpkins out a road a smile up wid me, let me go a Rizla yard, eat a food, hold a sleep, an mek meself clean an neat.

It’s not rush, I a rush, me jus a tek me time, one woman garn, next one me must find. I n I like to support three, you need one fe PEACE, one fe LOVE, an one fe I-NITY. Rastafari. Rewind and come again.