Here I come again…

Greetings Idrens

Wheel out. Here I come again. Run go tell yuh enemy, run go tell yuh fren. I n I a trod through Babylon region but my rod and my staff protect I from de system. Healing of de nation kill my motivation. Me cheque done bounce ca me spen me money pan an ounce. But when me bun me chalice me nuh harbour no form a malice. Me sight one sistren who look criss, me a go look fe her lata cos me she can’t dis.

A long time me nuh work inna de babylonian system, but de beast still a haunt I, an taunt I, an try lock up I n I wid dem driving fine. How yuh can fine me when me a drive up an down on my time? But, as me tell de judgement in de court house, licence an paperwork a nuh sumting I promote.

De pretty likke sistren, she can’t turn I down cos me wearing de crown and when gal a deal with I n I, dem nah fall down.

Rain a fall but de dutty tough, nuting nuh tough like how I have it rough. Me have fe go a Job Centre, pan dem electronic corruption system me business dem want enter. Dem love babble inna Babylon, pure wickedness dem a talk, but me know seh de whole a dem, a pure HARBOUR SHARK.

Hell stone and brimfire just to get me giro, but me nuh deal wid pen and me nud deal wid biro. Tribulations Babylon try render but Sellassie I know, me nah surrenda. Be strong, stand firm, watch dem system and learn. Chuh. Why dem a gwaan suh? All I warn do, is cut and go thru.

When me done praise de I-sis, me deal with me crisis. So, giving you a hail, sufferation I a go through but Rasta nah fail. Rewind and come again.


One Response to “Greetings Idrens”

  1. Wow. Your writings are pretty amazing, don’t think I’ve ever read a blog writen like this before. It makes me really want to hear you say these words – you ever podcast anything? Or broadcast yourself/your voice in any way? I’d really like to hear it. Not to take away from the way you’ve written things – you’ve written your voice in a way you can really hear it. No mean feat, trust me. Keep it up, it’s effing brilliant!

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