Here I come again…

No love

Wheel out. Here I come again. Run go tell yuh enemy, run go tell yuh fren. Me check one of me woman, and she a gwaan funny, just ca me warn borrow a likkle money. Fifty, dats all I need, but she a gwaan shifty, set speed.

So, about de likkle sistren, dat me sight de odda day, me step up an a reason, but she a gwaan one way. True seh she nuh know, rasta pure and clean, a pure love me bring, Jah inna my spring, a MEAN SHE MEAN. 

Me use de Babylon biro fe get me giro. Only get half ounce of me nation healing, pure struggulation, I man is feeling. Me need mek a change, sometime soon, but , chuh, today, couldn’t rise till noon.

So, tomorrow, me a go look some money fe borrow, get a nice draw and listen some tune. A me bredrin dat? ‘Yo.  Yo. Yo. Pull ova. A wheh yuh a go? Me a follow yuh, ca… man nuh have nuting fe do.’ Rewind and come again.


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