Here I come again…

A vex me vex

Wheel out. Here I come again. Run go tell yuh enemy, run go tell yuh fren. Me brodda too lie, seh him nuh have no money, when I n I a suffer, him life bright and sunny. Me vex, me vex, me can’t stop screw, wotless bwoy, tell me, ME, to find someting fe do. IMAGINE.

Me hungry like a dawg and me well need a food. Me brodda an me woman a gwaan too rude. But, me is not a worrier, ever liveth, rastafari, at de control tower. Me and dis draw will hold a meddy, me nah kick off, keep meself, nice and steady.

Peace and love come before de fire me a bun. Wid dem false Babylon life, all dem live fa a fun. But soon, my time will come, down pressors will run, and, JAH, Rastafari, will free I n I from dem everlastinest abomination.

Lata me sweet up de woman, mek her feel nice. Stroke her nice round batty and look inna she eyes. Money a come, me feel it strong, when me sweet her up, she can’t turn I down. Yeah man.

Chill out, hold a five, when me wake, give her de cool loving, keep de spirit alive. Dis is how I have to live, live a life fe love and love a life fe live. Sellassie I know, only goodness me give. Rewind and come again.


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