Here I come again…

Give me back me light

Wheel out. Here I come again. Run go tell yuh enemy, run go tell yuh fren. Babylon teef me light, because me money done, me always have nough fight, but rasta will overcome. Run weh dem and dem light, me bun fire pan dem corruption, when my current ready fe blaze, dem will know eruption.

How me a go see fe cook a likkle ital? Me need fe mek a raise, power is vital. Me trust so much of de good lambspread, now me nuh have no power, BABYLON DREAD. 

Mek I go an check me brodda in him posh office block. Frighten de people, wid me pretty dreadlocks. Me nah kin teet wid dem deh dutty john crow, ca me a de original NATTY HEAD BONGO.

Him nah gi me gow, dat yuh fe know, wash belly pickney, last one born, a mek good money an can give me a corn. A nuh just chat, I a chat. A teach, I a teach. I man come to free yuh from Babylon prison, show yuh dem evilous plan. De staff of correction I have in my hand, I give you direction, so don’t feel seh, I a simple rastaman. Mek me raise, get me light, bun a spliff, feel alright. Rewind and come again.


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