Here I come again…

Praises be

Wheel out. Here I come again. Run go tell yuh enemy, run go tell yuh fren. Greetings in the name of his IMPERIAL MAJESTY HAILE, HAILE, I, SELLASSIE I, DE FIRST. Jah bring I joy in de morning. Last night me sleep like a baby, Rizla nuh spiteful an selfish, like me brodda and woman, dem crazy. Wid de wisdom and blessing I a impart, Rizla see me sufferation and help me from him heart.

Rizla yard nice. Him kitchen full up a food and full up a spice. Ever living, ever sure, praise Rastafari, more and more. Everyting dat me need de man have, those who know love, mek dem show love. Ongle one or two time a week him come here, ten woman him have all bout. Never in him yard, always out. Him sleep a dem place, nyam dem food, bun dem power, an when him ready fe bade, a dem yard him showa. A suh it fe go.

How come I have it hard an same man like me have it easy? Me know seh me good, and me kind and me peasy. Me nuh mess wid nobody, treat people shoddy, only ital and vital I put in my body. And yuh know de weed VITAL.

Me nuh tek back me talk or give people trouble, but every move me mek, Babylon burst I bubble. Call on Sellassie I night, day and morning. Blazing fire of Zion is what I am yearning. Me clean and live up absolutely and neva let de head of my stream get polluted. Me render me heart, not me garment, and me conscious and stay out a careless argument.

On de highways and de byways me spread de scent around, from de sky up a above to JAH fertile ground. Outside rain a fall through Babylon pollution, to full up my natty wid dem chemical solution. Today me a sleep, build up my strength, to fight de devil, yuh need strength and length.

Rizla a artical bredrin from de heights. Highest heights of de HIGHEST HEIGHTS. Me will step out when de weather is right. Mek a likkle soup, watch tell lie vision, keep me countenance and me I-teous, righteous meditation. Rastafari. Rewind and come again


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