Here I come again…

Lion soldier at de frontier

Wheel out. Here I come again. Run go tell yuh enemy, run go tell yuh fren. Liar and him burning bush a lie to de people, dem lies thick like treacle and pile up like steeple. Followers of Babylon, Bush a dem disciple. Him lead, dem follow, de man a SPREAD SORROW.

Me nearly mash hole in Rizla floor, when me jaw drop, can’t believe educated man, can chat so much crap. When me hear de lies dat dem tell, Rastafari, can’t believe it, Babylon CONDEMN MAN TO HELL. Bush an him branches spread far and wide, and de dutty likkle liar a stan by him side. Now dem have brown, but we is no fool, Bush, Blair, Brown, de whole a dem tutor at de same school.

News, news, me ears dem abuse, a legion of devil, de wicked man choose. Axis of evil, fight for democracy, dem a acts of evil, dem a mock we. Chuh. Mek me tun it off yah. Bun burning bush, brown an him liar, listen dem lies is not how I inspire.

Me miss me woman an me need her close. She is who I live for and long for de most. Me next two woman essential for me need, one give me money an one give me weed. Me queen head try tell me, Sellassie I pickney, dat she alone must be the one and only. She deh a Babylon too long, nuh realise, I n I, Rastafari, will tek her to zion. She conscious, righteous an have brains like steel, to back foot Christmas morning, me miss her fe real.

Job, money, commitment is all she a talk, pan higher meditation I man a walk. She can’t see me fight, her mind get corrupt, lion soldier, at de frontier, and me NAH GIVE IT UP. Still.

A nough woman out deh fe good man like me. One look pan me face an me quality reveal, to good, steady woman, I always appeal. A wheh Rizla deh? Me well need a draw, alone in dis yard, me heart sad and raw. Three days me a suffer wid no comfort from my woman, man stallion like I n I don’t deal wid starvation. When me need to replenish, pray seh next man, nah eat off my dish. Me nuh ready fe famine, a feast me warn feast, me drain out like string and de pressure can’t cease.

Ongle ital sensi can calm me nature, me nuh warn do nuting me regret later. A wheh me Beaver and me new pair a Clarkes? Street a call out fe me and I man a hark. Nough sweetie pumpkins out in de street fe I man defeat. One ting. Me know me Empress love me, Rastafari a de best ting dat ever happen to she. Rewind and come again. 


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