Here I come again…

Bonafide woman

Wheel out. Here I come again. Run go tell yuh enemy, run go tell yuh fren. One big bag a weed a service me need. Me call on Sellassie an him answer wid deed. Me check me sistren and kiss and caress, from de way she a smile, me know dat she bless. She promise seh no man a eat off her plate, but she want tek it easy and ask me to wait. Me check me bredrin Nosehole and ask him to watch comings and goings and who go a her house, me nuh want get disrespect or mek competition sneak in like mouse.

Now. Me brodda Ballhead feel guilty fe de way dat him treat me, an a try to inveigle, blind me wid science and sweet me. Me just cut me eye, mek him countenance fry, but not before me tek £100 or more. Me tell him fe galang and next time, ‘don’t lie like a bwoy, stan up and be sure’. It’s hungry days and man need a change of pace, me brodda all fe himself don’t a give a, fe no one else. But Rasta obliterate him Babylonian mentality and mek sure seh him know, next time, him MUST look out for me.

Main woman let me squeeze her tight, me good, me feel criss, and me heart feel right. Me try to check de next one but she tell me she busy, busy, busy, she nuh know seh me a de boss, and she only work fe me. The odda one, she me can’t find. When me next sight her, we need fe chat, I n I a set de programme, she NEED TO KNOW DAT.

Rizla furnish me wid de best high grade. HIGHEST GRADE OF DE HIGHEST GRADE. Me best sit down and tek it easy. Me two good foot nuh warn fe hold me. Me a shift to left and shift to de right, and me hungry. De sweetie pumpkins out a road a smile up wid me, let me go a Rizla yard, eat a food, hold a sleep, an mek meself clean an neat.

It’s not rush, I a rush, me jus a tek me time, one woman garn, next one me must find. I n I like to support three, you need one fe PEACE, one fe LOVE, an one fe I-NITY. Rastafari. Rewind and come again.


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