Here I come again…

How dem can tax water?

Wheel out. Here I come again. Run go tell yuh enemy, run go tell yuh fren. Today JAH bless me and break me fast, me have sex wid one a de woman, at long, long, last. You know when you eat callaloo, salfish, banana, cho cho an rice. Bwoy. Can’t even tell yuh how it nice. Me come back a Rizla yard, feel like me bread done butta, man warn fling me out, dash me back inna de gutta. Why?

Him seh me a run up him water meter. Meter. METER. Water FREE. Man an man have fe reason, rasta nah get string up, we bun fire pan treason. We agree, me nah bade or showa, only tidy me a tidy. An unless me have a movement, me nah flush de toilet. See. We is not Britain, America or Iraq, we can resolve our problems, cos I n I black. Before me reach Rizla, me go a me yard. It cold, dark, fridge empty, praise JAH fe me spar. An you know, SPAR A SPAR.

Right now, man a ache, come in like me have de custard, and me well want more cake. She twist an a turn an a bawl out, ‘Wheel Out’, Chuh, man crazy, when me shout, ‘ME COME AGAIN’. Me a hold on, from me fingers to me teeth, me woman, she ready, she tight an she neat. Jack it up my selecta, de woman a bus tune, like Coxsone and Shaka, me reach de sun and de moon.

Me skin a scratch, but me nah have no showa, me nah have no bath. Basin, rag, Dettol and kettle. Bun Babylon water meter, me will meditate pan de gal, an de next time me meet her. Praise to my God and King, Sellassie I, him know what man need widdin. Haile, Haile, Haile I. Rewind and come again.


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