Here I come again…

One foot only

Wheel out. Here I come again. Run go tell yuh enemy, run go tell yuh fren. Come in like man under surveillance, neighbour knock my door, Rizla door, and tell me seh de music too loud. Loud, LOUD. A nuh him me a rinse tune pan, me a play fe de crowd. Man love Garnet, Caple and Sizzla, dem tune fe rinse, when man a roll up him rizla. An yuh know bout de rizla.

Me give him one look and tell him straight. ‘Terrorist why don’t you stop terrorising the neighbourhood, I n I, Rastafari, need to live in the way that we should. Life is one big road wid lots of signs, an, if yuh can’t see de sign, a mussi blind you BLIND.’

Me batty an armpit really a scratch me. Free water from me likkle flat a call out fe me. Dat flat, dat flat, every posse a get flat, it really really bun me fe live inna block. Still.

Me a go directly check Babylon soon, fe get me giro. Dem a go rob me, an job me, but me nah use dem biro. Shark face Jobseeker woman a tell me bout position, come in like Rasta under investigation. De council have one job inna dem mail room. Me is a male not a mail, but de job a come soon. Let me check it out yah.

Man have fe stan up pan him own two feet, too easy a Rizla yard, it cushy an sweet. Him woman a cuss, next woman come out a woodwork and chase way her trust. Him need back him bed an him full a food kItchen, an me need to flex like a conscious, artical bredrin. Me bag done pack, everliving soldier always ready fe trod.

Bless up and live it up me nah lie, me ready fe exploit Babylon pie. Wish me guidance and protection in de system where I’m heading, cos me nah give up no I, an me know seh JAH, Rastafari, nah let dem deh people bun fire pan de I.

Me teeth white, ready fe kin, man nuh have no pimple nah spot pan me skin. One love me a carry, man done ramp, man nah tarry. Rasta alone stoke de blazing fire, cos de blessings of JAH, lift I higher an higher. Rewind and come again.


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