Here I come again…

Rasta unda mannas

Wheel out. Here I come again. Run go tell yuh enemy, run go tell yuh fren. Me batty really a sting me now. Me need a bath, fraid of de water  meter, chuh, mek me run it low yah. Since me deal wid de sistren, come in like, tings nuh right wid my ting. One likkle pee nearly kill me. It sting, it sting, it sting, IT STING. She upful, righteous an clean, months go by and she still let me in.

A wha dis in man brief? It sticky and yellow, me jewels soft and tender an swell. Please JAH, tell me a nuh it. Rasta unda mannas, me have fe go a clinic. Me. Me. Disease like a flea an have fe ask Babylon docta. BABYLON DOCTA. Fe cure me.

A wheh me parka deh? Hood up, head down, shame pan Rastafari crown. 20 years ago dem attack me wid needle, two weeks me in bed, from de violence dem show me, nurse, docta an receptionist have to fight me an hold me.

Dem a try tell me bout gonna, gonna sumting. Humblest Rasta beg JAH dat de woman don’t give me NUTING. Me can’t call pan JAH right about now, me hot wid shame, an me head bow. Rewind and come again.


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