Here I come again…

KFC kill Fari children

Wheel out. Here I come again. Run go tell yuh enemy, run go tell yuh fren. Pickout check me, de man specialise in weed, when him done pick it, man nuh worry bout seed. Saturday night, Pickout want man fe trod wid him an circle, me give one excuse, me can’t go a street, when me tings blue an purple.

I man a try hold a meddy and tek in de telly. Saturday night it loud, pink, yellow an bright. All dem a talk bout a celebrity. Ant an Dec, Paris, Jordan. Is that four or three? What I don’t understand is how we stop worship JAH, an start worship man? Celebrity. Celebrity. Sell yuh self an yuh liberty. Dat’s what it mean. Yuh sell yuh self, forget you vison, just suh yuh can live out yuh life pan tell lie vision.

Me neva even notice how it happen, one minute newspaper have news, next minute, all me can read bout is famous people waistline, hairstyle an shoes. If dem latest handbag a my first priority, how me a go see wha de system a try push pan me?

When me a read bout Brad an Angelina Jolie, next ting me know, dem have me fingerprint, DNA, Babylon metric details, an me whole identity. But seeya.

A what a gwaan inna Babylon fe real. You tink seh is accident dat yuh a nyam ready meal. KFC kill Fari children , an we a watch celebrity an try an emulate dem. Though the shadow of Babylon cast over me, de rod an de staff will always be my celebrity. Rewind and come again.


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