Here I come again…

Love me Sistren dem

Wheel out. Here I come again. Run go tell yuh enemy, run go tell yuh fren. Faith can move mountains. Right now. Me need dat faith. Monday morning, a wheh de rainbow deh? Me dancing feet bex, Babylon teef de rainbow out my shoe. Ginnalfa a hover like mosquito, me a frank, frank letter, you know how it go. Suddenly, skinny gal brush past me, true seh she nuh know, if a meat me eat, is not pork or beef, a snapper, parrot an bream. Transparent, tracing paper gal, can’t walk down my street.

Sometimes me wonder bout de English flower. Nough black man believe dem gal gi dem power. Even though man tings a rot an infest, ramp wid dem gal, Rastafari don’t jest. Since me reach a concrete jungle, me an none a dem, nuh wrap up inna bungle. Me know how man feel, man love easy going, easy speaking woman fe real. Still. Me black woman fit, phat, an gal have to have back. Me can’t abandon me sistren fe dat. De blacker de berry, de sweeter de juice. I-nity, wid her brown silky skin an smood batty, is who I choose. Love hav fe get sack when I man reach 50, cos you know I man, a hang on tight, pan de one name I-nity. Let me tell yuh bout I-nity.

De woman breast is like mango, melon an sweet potato, she have legs like sugar cane, an de gal batty, Lord a mercy, could drive man insane. An yuh know, I n I nuh too too call pan de Lord. She nuh wobble a tall, all bits intact, Rastaman can’t believe, man a control dat. Me love hair dat stan up, like bush inna forest, it nuh come outta bag, natural a de best. Ginnalfa work out man cool an deadly, but is only fe I-nity, I man sing a medley. She offer me rice but me love me peas, me keep meself upright, nah live pan me knees.

Me nature recovering fe I-nity love. Ginnalfa nah get what me have in I man seed bag, cos yuh know seh I-nity a fly de red, gold an green flag. Me nah cross de road, as a black man me proud. Keep de faith, be strong, nuh flex wid dem gal deh an treat we woman wrong. Rastafari want my empress most delighted, an Ginnalfa, can’t tek good care of me de way how I like it. Check out de acklings I man a go thru, and know dat dis Rastaman love an proud a each an everyone a you. Blessup.Rewind and come again.


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